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We are an international team committed to transform companies to a sustainable mindset, searching for the most cutting-edge technologies for our customers.

We have already found a smart green solution to one of the big environmental problems of the planet: plastic.


Living a smart life, preserving nature with the best sustainable solutions.


Be part of the Net Zero flow to promote and expand its awareness and positive impact. Be an activating lever for an intelligent long-term life.

Our consulting solutions

Our services are commited in preserving the enviroment and offering high quality solutions.

Trillions+1 consulting added value in the sustainability space is flexible enough for every industry and company, with engagements tailored to the business size and lifecycle.

Decoding the sustainability landscape is a challenging and ever-changing process that we ease with a simplified and structured step-by-step approach adapting to the client capacity and ability to implement the changes and to its knowledge of this complex environment.

Measuring and improving the performance of our customers and make them evolve into sustainable business operations is a journey that we live and share with passion, professionality and empowerment.

Join the Net Zero Flow and have a positive impact for our present and future generations.


A like-minded collective of hardworking & innovative individuals


His pragmatic and resolute character adapted to the needs of the environmental market led him to the challenge of finding the best technology for one of the biggest problems that the industry is facing. Adapted to his skills and experience in the field of human resources he connected with the needs of the market, dedicating himself to a wonderful "passion" in the relentless pursuit of connecting the market with a sustainable solution.



Market Analyst
Patty's professional career has been in both the financial and educational sector in Frankfurt am Main until her decision to dedicate herself to the family leadership in Zurich. In the fascinated Swiss Alps landscape she understood and strengthened her passion for biodiversity and she evolved to the concept of sustainability. This is how she became enthusiastic about deploying her experience in the US market. America is her native continent, in which she strongly identifies herself.



Project Manager
Luis being passionate about technology and being excited what the future brings with technology and sustainability knows that he would make a great addition to the staff. He brings to the Trillions +1 team apart from a charming personality and being a self-proclaimed foodie, an operational experience that extends all the way to Oil & Gas and to the manufacturing, logistics and distribution industry.



Office Assistant
Her passion for living a quality and sustainable life brings great energy to the team of Trillions+1. Her determination to improve the world’s current circumstances and turning it into a better living space for the future generation continues to grow as she faces different experiences with an extensive set of skills.

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